End of Life Option Act (California Only)

Sonata Hospice is supportive in helping our patients explore all of their healthcare decisions. In 2016, California’s End-of-Life Option Act took effect. The End-of-Life Option Act allows terminally ill patients who are making decisions at the end of their lives to request and obtain a prescription for medication to end their lives in a peaceful, dignified manner. Participation for healthcare providers is voluntary, and the law allows healthcare providers to prohibit employees and others who work with them from participating in the activities outlined under the End-of-Life Option Act. Sonata Hospice has elected not to participate in the End-Of-Life Option Act. Sonata Hospice’s non-participation extends to patients requests to exercise their rights under the End-of-Life Option Act, Sonata Hospice will assist with transferring such patients to another hospice who does participate. If you would like more information on Sonata Hospice’s End-of-Life Option Act opt-out policies, please click here