Music Therapy in Hospice

Music has access to both sides of the brain, as well as connections with our physiological, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual functioning, making it an effective tool for addressing goals in a hospice setting. Even in the most uncertain moments, music is able to comfort and soothe.  

From our heartbeats, to our breath and our voices, rhythm and sound are inherent within us as human beings.

From life in the womb until we take our last breath, music and sound can be a comforting and healing force through its capacity to connect with, and support, our physiological, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual functioning. Each of us has our own unique relationship and associations with music that can affect us in many profound ways.

At Sonata Hospice, we believe in the transformative power of music therapy. Our compassionate board-certified music therapists have undergone extensive education and experiential training to enable them to best support the unique needs of hospice patients and families. As a clinical and evidence-based practice, music therapy has been proven to be an effective treatment modality during the end of life. It integrates individuals’ music preferences and experiences with cultural background and spiritual beliefs, maintaining dignity and cele- brating each unique life. Music therapy is not a requirement for hospice participation under Medicare guidelines, but Sonata Hospice goes the distance to provide this invaluable service to our patients and families.

Ongoing research demonstrates that music therapy can assist with many concerns related to end of life.

  • Pain management
  • Respiratory distress/dyspnea
  • Emotional unrest (depression, anger, anxiety, agitation)
  • Anticipatory grief
  • Meaningful life review
  • Personal meaning & life resolution
  • Spiritual & existential concerns
  • Behavioral support
  • Isolation
  • Mood enhancement
  • Communication & expression
  • Memorial planning
  • Caregiver and family support
  • Sense of control
  • Insight
  • Procedural support
  • Legacy Projects


Live Music Listening


Legacy Projects

Life Review

Guided Imagery

Song Writing


Instrument Play

Music Relaxation

Drum Work

Breath Work